Trekking in Nepal

The mountain kingdom

There is no other mountain range in the world like the Nepal Himalaya. It stretches in a 2414 Kilometre curve across the whole of southern Asia, from the Pamirs of the Soviat Union in the west to the great bend of India's Bramhaputra River in the east. Ways through the giant walls of ice and rock are few and far between. Those that can be found are high, over 5000 meters above sea-level. In winter they are often blocked by snow.
The people of the Himalaya share a sense of wonder at the great peaks, believing that many are the homes of powerful Gods and Goddesses. Some peaks are so sacred that even today climbers are not allowed to step on their summits.

The small kingdom of Nepal is the home of the Sherpa people, the most famous of the Himalayan peoples. Originally from Tibet, the Sherpa's settled in Nepal hundreds of years ago.  Traditionally they have lived ever since in village high in the foothills of the giant peaks, farming and rising animals wherever the soil and sheer slopes allow. Sherpas have become best known to the outside world as guides and porters helping expeditions in their attempts to climb some of Nepal's highest peaks.

Khumjung Village, Everest

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