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Disaster in EBC

Everest Base Camp Trekking Guide        Everest base camp was like a city of tents before April 25. High mountain guide and climbers were practicing. That day, 25 of April occurred great disaster in whole Nepal as Earthquake and because of that earthquake big avalanche fallen down to Everest Base Camp. Between 700 and 1,000+ people were on or beside Mount Everest when the earthquake struck. The earthquake triggered several large avalanches on and around the mountain. One avalanche, originating on the nearby peak of named Pumori, that mountain is located to opposite of Everest. At least 17 people believed to have been killed and 61 people were injured.

Avalanche in Everest Base Camp

          "SPCC announced the closure of treacherous route for this season on the advice of icefall doctors this morning," the SPCC Chairman shared the decision from Everest Base Camp over phone. With the SPCC’s decision, Everest climbing that had been hampered by deadly avalanche last year, has now closed for the second consecutive year." There are no climbers or Nepali Sherpa guides and foreigners rest at Everest Base Camp. Nepal Tourism Board has issued permits to 358 climbers of 42 teams to climb Mount Everest, 12 teams of 118 climbers to climb Lhotse and 34 climbers of four teams to climb Nupse. Lhotse and Nupse climbers also use the same basecamp.

Avalanche in Everest Base Camp

Disaster in Everest Base Camp

Avalanche in Everest Base Camp

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